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Med school v being a dog

April 13, 2011

[via A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor]


For all those contemplating their caffeine strategy for board prep

April 8, 2011

Link: How not to kill yourself with caffeine

Review of CAP Guideline iPhone app at iMedicalApps

April 6, 2011

Head over to for a review of Children’s Mercy Hospital’s recently released iPhone app for the management of community acquired pneumonia in children.

Interest accrual during training is the biggest problem for med students

April 4, 2011

Pierce Hibma on KevinMD providing a breakdown of his med student debt

Take a look at this post and forget the overall figure of this student’s debt. Focus in on the amount of subsidized (interest paid while in school) debt and unsubsidized debt. Only about 1/10th of this interest is subsidized while in school. Think about it another way–med students are paying interest on roughly 90% of their loans while still in school.

Also, pay specific attention to how much interest will accrue while he is in 3 years of residency–$100,000. That is only INTEREST, no new loans.

Not only is the cost of tuition at medical schools exorbitantly high, but the loan system does no favors for young doctors. Med students wanting to go into primary care are being squeezed at both ends–increasing tuition costs and poor loan terms coupled with falling reimbursement rates for “cognitive” medicine and increasing struggles with insurance companies.

How can we expect anybody to go into primary care in this environment?


Marketing safety in health care

April 2, 2011

I wish doctors and hospitals would actually start caring about their safety record and then marketing to their customers bragging about how safe they are, just as Volvo did back in the 80’s, twenty years ahead of any of the other auto makers.

Jay Parkinson commenting on drawing a comparison between the US interstate system and healthcare.

What a great marketing idea for a hospital. Why haven’t we seen something like this?


iPhone app for treatment of pediatric pneumonia

March 30, 2011

Community acquired pneumonia pediatric management iPhone app in iTunes

Over the past several months, I’ve been working with Dr Jason Newland at Children’s Mercy Hospital to develop an alternative method for delivery of an evidence-based clinical practice guideline for the treatment of community acquired pneumonia (CAP) in children. Dr Newland, working with a team of pediatric experts at Children’s Mercy, developed the original guideline two years ago and has been in use since that time via a webpage on the hospital’s site. We sought to make the guideline more accessible by providing an easy to use interactive algorithm for iOS devices that guides clinicians in the appropriate workup and antibiotic management for ambulatory and inpatient CAP in children.

This app is intended for med students, residents, and experienced clinicians providing care for children with community acquire pneumonia. The app is free and available through iTunes for iOS devices. Please download the app and add it to your clinical reference tools. Any and all feedback about the app is welcome via iTunes review, this post, or email (josh [at] joshherigon [dot] com).


Med school does sick things to you

March 25, 2011

The fire alarm went off in lecture this morning. My first instinct wasn’t to escape the room to a safe location but to make sure I grabbed my laptop because all my notes and important med school files are on it.