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Board Prep

May 14, 2011

Over the next several weeks, I will be neck deep in preparing for the USMLE Step 1 exam (ie–the first round of boards for future physicians). This is a very important test for medical students (think of it like the SAT for getting a residency spot). As such, posting will be light. I hope to carve out a little time here and there to share some of my insights into board prep (ie–what works and what doesn’t, at least for me) and the whole ordeal of taking this “monumental” test, as well as some study aids. Unfortunately, I will be unable to post much original content or comment on other “hot” med blogosphere topics–there just ain’t enough time.

More importantly, if this blog goes dead for a little while, don’t fear–I haven’t died and I haven’t killed the blog. What will have happened is that I will have finally realized that I know nothing about medicine, gone through a complete freak out, and buried myself in a mountain of review books, question banks, and Goljan lectures.

This blog should return to its normal posting (and hopefully even improve) later this summer. Good luck to all the other med students preparing for Step 1, show the NBME who is boss!

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