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Biostatistics v Lab Research

September 26, 2010

[from Old MD Girl]

The part where he reveals he’s consulting with the biostatistician the day before his grant is due happens ALL the time (I have been guilty of this before).  I also like the part where he offers the statistician 1/2% FTE to analyze all his data for the project. Biostatisticians have one of the toughest jobs in research.

I actually had an encounter almost exactly like this  a few months ago when I was doing my summer research in an infectious diseases research lab.  One of the basic science researchers got wind that I knew something about biostatistics and started asking me questions about non-parametric statistics for one of his projects.  I am more than happy to consult with people about their projects, but many times (both on the basic science side and clinical side) researchers fail to realize that proper choice of statistical analysis takes more than a 5 minute conversation.  It probably takes 10 minutes just for you to adequately explain what your project is measuring exactly (not everyone is familiar with the esoteric markers and outcomes measures in your field).

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