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Most stress inducing events of M1

May 5, 2010

1) the first test

2) first urogenital exam

These two could actually go in either order.  The first test (which seems so long ago) is so stressful because (1) it comes very quickly, (2) you have never dealt with so much material on a single exam, (3) with so much material you feel like you know absolutely nothing and (4) there is no room for error.  Fortunately, you get used to these feelings of inadequacy and subsequent tests aren’t as bad (unless you haven’t studied very much, in which case it feels like the first test all over again).

The first urogenital exam is stress inducing for all the reasons you can imagine.  Luckily, most medical schools hire teaching assistants that allow clumsy med students to do their first exams on them.  These people are saints for the work they do.  They make doing the first urogenital exam as easy as possible.  But it’s stressful nonetheless.

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