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Enthoven’s response to Gawande’s latest New Yorker piece

December 22, 2009

Alain Enthoven provides the thoughtful analysis of Atul Gawande’s latest writing in the New Yorker I was looking for. When I wrote about Gawande’s article earlier I had expressed my own doubts.  Enthoven provides a much more in-depth critique of Gawande’s argument, essentially calling it wishful thinking.  I couldn’t agree more with Enthoven.  Powerful forces exist within the medical industrial complex and these forces make a lot of money under the current system, so they are not going to sit and do nothing as they lose billions of dollars.  My heart wants to believe that Gawande is right, but the available evidence suggest otherwise.  I’m beginning to agree more and more with Jay Parkinson that radical reform is necessary and that such reform will come from individual innovation sparking a revolution in the delivery system.

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