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Finally, an article on the real problem in health care

November 10, 2009

The NY Times nails two of the biggest obstacles in forming effective health care reform plans that almost never discussed and poorly understood by the American public.

  1. Cost containment is essential to any successful reform–The bulk of the health care reform discussion has focused on providing insurance for the nearly 50 million uninsured Americans.  Unfortunately, simply insuring these people doesn’t address the underlying problem–health care cost inflation.  The biggest reason these people don’t have health care insurance is because they or their employer can’t afford health insurance.  Now, instead of creating artificial systems (like a public option or government subsidized private insurance) to provide insurance, we should be working on ways to make insurance affordable for everyone.  A good first step would be figuring out how to bring the 8% year-over-year health care cost inflation under control.
  2. Reforms eventually passed in Congress won’t be the “best” reforms, but those most palatable to powerful interest groups–Unfortunately, policy (regardless of the arena) is not set by those who know the most about the subject.  The debates going on in Congressional offices right now are not between health policy experts/doctors/patients and their elected representatives but between lobbyists of powerful interest groups with deep pockets and Congressmen.  The resulting legislation will reflect this fact.


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