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This was the best you could do NY Times

December 22, 2008

Wow.  That’s about the only way to sum up the New York Times’ most recent story on the crushing debt medical students experience.  They dedicated a whole five sentences to one of the most pressing issues for our health care system.

This is a hidden issue that can’t be ignored.  As debt for med students increase, more and more students will go in to high paying specialties.  This will inevitably exacerbate the primary care shortage and eventually unwind our current health care system and further drive up costs.

Let me be clear:  THIS IS NO SMALL ISSUE FOR RECENTLY ACCEPTED MEDICAL STUDENTS.  It drives the decisions med students make for what path students take into the various fields within medicine.  High debt loads force students to choose other fields over primary care.  It’s simple math.  And, as loans become harder to get and more unaffordable, more students will become specialists.

Unequivocally, action is needed now.

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