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First Post

July 24, 2008

“Number Needed to Treat” is current healthcare news and issues condensed.

Simply put, this blog will try to critique healthcare issues found in the popular media, on medical blogs, or in peer-reviewed journals without getting caught up in the minutia.  I will try to walk the fine line between the oversimplification of issues common to popular media and the drowning depth found in academic commentary.

This blog will include short posts on current issues, simple links to interesting stories from other blogs, and some in-depth critique.  Most of the in-depth stuff will likely deal with how mainstream media fails to accurately convey the meaning behind academic work.  (They tend to overstate results and jump to conclusions based on thin evidence.)

All opinions expressed on this blog are solely mine.  They do not represent the views of any institution I may work for, any insitution that has educated me, my family, my friends, or my dog.

All comments are always welcome.

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